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Race rules

Once you have registered to BA BE JUNGLE MARATHON and received your BIB number means that you have agreed with all policies, rules, services and release of liability provided by BJM organization board. Hence, policies or terms are subject to change without prior notice to suit the actual situation.

Runners must complete the official marked course on foot under your own power. Using shortcuts or other types of transportation (motorbike, bicycle, car,…) are not permitted.

The race will take place in Ba Be National Park where environmental protection is of great importance which means littering is prohibited. Intentional littering will result in disqualification from the event.

The age restriction for 10km runners is at least 16 years old on the race day, to individuals who are under 18 years old, they must have their guardian tag along during the race. The age restriction for 21km, 42km and 70km runners is at least 18 years old on the race day.

Additionally, 42km runners must have at least completed one or two 21km marathon races before. Especially, in order to register for the 70km trail, runners must at least complete an Ultra race (>42km) before the race day.

During the competition, athletes must always have their BIBs stuck on their clothes in a visible position that can easily be seen.

Runners are required to bring along the mandatory kit during the race. The organization board will check randomly on 3 fastest runners during and after the race. Those who don’t bring enough mandatory kit are not qualified to participate in the race.

During the race, if you get injured or need medical assistance, please call the emergency number printed on the back of your BIB or ask from the local people to connect to the nearest health centres.

If you would like to withdraw from the race, you must notify the organization board by contacting the emergency number printed on the back of your BIB or notifying our staff at the aid station.


The event organization board have the right to change the trails’ distance, race track, reschedule or cancel the race permanently based on the actual situation of weather conditions, safety conditions, terrorism activities, natural disasters, force majeure events which are unforeseeable without prior notice.

All changes regarding the race will be announced officially on BJM website and fanpage in detail. 

Participants who have registered for BJM and finished the payment cannot receive the refund if they would like to withdraw from the race but they can still transfer their subscription to another competitor.
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