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Yes. You can transfer your subscription to another person under the conditions that the transfer needs to be made at least 30 days before the race starts and the fee for subscription transfer is $8.8. The replacement should be fully aware of race rules, terms and conditions and should provide us full information as a new runner. To transfer your slot, please advise the new runner’s registration profile in this form and send it to for further assistance.

We highly recommend you wearing trail shoes. The specific brand and model depends on individual choice, but the shoes should be for off road trail running, not road shoes.  For clothes, at the beginning of October the mountains can be quite cool during the day and a little bit cold at dawn and in the evening so you should bring along light clothes for the race and light coat for night wear.

The weather in Ba Be in early October is quite cool during the day, a little bit cold at dawn and in the evening. It is often dry but sometimes there might be drizzle at dawn or late night.