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Welcome to the Ba Be Jungle Marathon (Oct 03, 2021)!

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* Note: This registration page can only be paid by credit card. Please download the application form here, fill it out and send it to for assistance with payment by bank transfer or group registration.

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(The prices are applied for the Regular period until July 22st, 2021)
Details ...
Distance Register fee (vnđ)
70km trail
42km trail
21km trail
10km trail

3-Day race package

NOTE: The price is calculated based on 1 person occupancy (Deluxe & Luxury package will combine 2 - 3 people in a private room). Details ...
Package Kind of room Price (vnđ)
dormitory room 2.400.000
Private room 2.950.000
Superior room 3.900.000

Total payment:

Terms of registration for the tournament


This is an important document regarding the rights and legal obligations of participants. Please read carefully. All attendees must sign this document before taking part in BA BE JUNGLE MARATHON 2021.

1. After considering the approval of my participation in Ba Be Jungle Marathon which will take place in October 3th 2021 (herein after referred to as "Event") from BJM organization board, I agree with this acknowledgment form, exemption of legal responsibility, waiver of claims for indemnify and risk assumption.

2. I have read, understand and agree to the regulations and information regarding the Event.

3. I understand about the participant physical requirements, which is also a condition for participating in the Event. Therefore, I confirm that I have undergone a full training process and have no health problems, illness, injury or any other disability that could cause injury or death while participating in the Event.

4. In case I have health problem, get sick or injured before or during the Event, I will withdraw from the Event.

5. I am well aware that participating in an Event is a risky act and I might be facing danger. Besides, I realize that the fun part of a trail running is partly due to the its inherent risks and the effort to get out of the safety zone. This is also one of the main remain reasons that I decided to sign in for the Event.

6. I accept and understand that while attending the Event:
• I might get injured physically or mentally, or possibly die from one or different reasons including exhaustion, dehydration, sudden death, slip, trip or fall, collision with other contestants, audiences, pedestrians or self-caused injury
• My personal belongings might be damaged or lost.
• I could injure another athlete or damage their belongings.
• Event circumstances or conditions are subject to change without noticing in advance.
• I might be in a remote area where the access to the health facilities can be quite difficult and take a long time to reach.
• Equipment and transportations might not be available or not sufficient in case I get injured.
• I accept and will take responsibility for any injury, death or personal belongings damaged while participating in the Event.

7. I agree that if I have an injury or need medical assistance, the organization board can arrange emergency treatment and evacuation if necessary and I am responsible for all expenses, medical fees and ambulance costs.

8. I agree with the release of liability provided ensuring that the Event organization board, officers, employees, representatives, volunteers, contractors, State agencies, local people, landowners and donors are not responsible for any complaint, request for indemnify, prosecution and prosecution fee requested by me, by other person on my behalf or by the relevant parties regarding any of my injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my properties while participating in the Event.

9. I agree that in case I get injured or my personal property being damaged, I will not make complaint letters to the organization board.

10. I hereby authorize the use of my name, performance, images, videos, multimedia media, films or similar means for justifiable purposes without any compensation or payment.

11. I agree that Event organization board have the right to change the running trails compare to the original plan being advertised without noticing in advance if the organization board think that it is necessary. Furthermore, the Event might be cancelled due to weather conditions, safety conditions, terrorism activities, natural disasters, force majeure events which are unforeseeable. In such circumstances my participating fee will not be refunded.

12. I agree that once I (or the authorized person) have signed the RACE KIT package delivery receipt means that I have checked carefully and received my correct bib number, the electronic chip measuring the running time as well as gifts from the organization board and sponsors. I am solely responsible for the loss of my bib and electronic chip after receiving it from the Event organization board.

13. I agree to follow the Event rules and the guidelines of the Event organization board.

I agree with the above terms
I agree with Ba Be Jungle Marathon's Terms and Conditions of Participation

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